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About Soft Return

Soft Return is branding studio created to service for-good, small and micro businesses and organisations across this big, beautiful planet. We are a collective of creatives from all around the globe with a shared passion for brand building. We provide access to high quality and collaborative Foundational Brand Identity Design, Web Design and Copywriting because we understand the power and impact good branding can have for society and the environment. Our offering is equal parts collaborative and intentional, taking inspiration from the natural world, possibility, and those paving the way for a better future.

Soft Return was created after its founder noticed an opportunity within her design practice to help founders and organisationation with smaller budgets access to good design. We do this by utilising creative sprints and minimum viable brand strategies to ensure our clients use their resources effectively and mindfully so their energy can go toward people who need it most. Our offerings are simple, intentional and collaborative and come from a drive to use design to support not-for-profit and for-good brands and organisations that want to make a difference.

Our Services

Brand Identity Design  

In collaboration with you, we create intentional and foundational Branding that will set you up with a bespoke identity and design system that will set you apart and speak to the uniqueness and story behind your offering. We want to ensure that every time your target audience meets your brand, it’s love at first sight.

Foundational Brand Identity packages include Logo, Logo Alternatives, Brandmark, Colour Palette, Typography and a Foundational Brand Guide.

Web Design


Following on from your Brand Identity Design we design bespoke website designs so that you can get straight into creating or updating your digital presence with your new brand. We offer custom designs, as well as Shopify and Squarespace builds depending on your needs and requirements.


We are big avocates for the power of copywriting, with how you write being an essential element in your Brand Identity. We offer Tone of Voice guidance and Key Messaging creation to further elevate your brand identity and create impact in your market.

Soft Return is for you if*:

     You need branding and/or web design that sets the foundation for your small or micro business
    Your small or micro business needs a foundational rebrand
    You want high-quality design that uses budget and scope uber-intentionally
    You prefer a collaborative approach to creating
    You feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and tasks as a small business owner and need support in getting clear on your vision
    ou want to work with thoughtful and talented designers from all around the globe who are passionate about building modern brands through the lens of sustainability and a deeper purpose
    You’re a purpose-driven and/or not-for-profit organisation (or you want to shift to be for-good)
    You are on a shorter timeline and are comfortable working in a design sprint structure

    Soft Return might not be the studio for you if:

       You want to deep dive into strategy and positioning first, or a large-scale design project. For that please head over to here.
       You are looking for a cheap and quick fix. Our unique Foundational Branding is designed to be affordable for small businesses who don’t have the means to access high-quality design. It is not designed for large businesses looking for a bargain or those looking for extensive design support.
      You prefer the set and forget method whereby you provide a brief and wait to see what the designer comes up with. We prefer to work collaboratively with our clients.
      You don’t want to work with thoughtful and talented designers from all around the globe who are passionate about building modern brands through the lens of sustainability and a deeper purpose.
      You don’t have time to engage in the process.  Creative sprints require equal amount of effort and input from all parties.

      Who we are

      BECKI KENWORTHY she/her Creative Director

      ALON BAUM he/him Senior Designer

      CAITLYN SPANNER she/her Copywriter and Brand Strategist

      Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

      — Carl Jung

      “I am a working mother with two small children, running a small interior design business, so for me, the task of a brand refresh just seemed too overwhelming. When I came across Becki's Design Intensive day, I contacted her immediately and am so glad that I did because now I have a new brand that I love and that is a true reflection of who I am and what I believe in.

      Thank you so much Becki for creating my new branding direction, I am really proud of what we produced leading up to and on the day I can't wait to share it with my clients & design community.”
      “I think it’s the perfect offering for those who want to dive right in, have a collaborative experience and work through things in a quicker time frame so that it’s easier to stay immersed in the creative mindset it takes to build a brand!”

      -  Olina, Carpenter by Name

      “The Design Intensives are the perfect offering for any small businesses needing creative support. Becki is a dream to work with; patient, thoughtful, values driven and incredibly talented. She considers how she can hero a brand's uniqueness and values, and delivers beautiful brand identities.”

      - Jess, Daily Good

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      We pay respect to the First Nations people of the land we live, create and reflect on. We are committed to an ongoing practice of decolonisation, solidarity, and support of right relationship with this land, and the leadership of traditional owners.